Produce radio shows yourself – no prior knowledge about media is needed!

Are you a refugee or migrant and interested in media work – but you don’t have media experience yet? Don’t worry! You can join our editorial teams with any prior knowledge in media! You can work in any language! Participate in an editorial team near you – or start your own team or show. Here you can find information on all the community radio station in Germany! Take part in our blog! Send us photos, audios, films and articles. Share your talent and your opinions on „Colorful Voices“.

Network yourself!

Are you active in any kind of media project in radio, video, print or online and would like to establish a link with us? We are happy to work together with you and publish your stories. Contact us now!

Let’s be more!

Are you a community media project not in contact with refugees or migrants yet? We are happy to share our experience as journalists and media developers with you through workshops or consultations.